Writing, Talks, and Debates on Christian Apologetics

This section of my website contains comments on personal topics outside my usual academic work.

Here is some of my favourite writing in Christian apologetics – giving a reason for Christian faith; and links to some of my talks and debates on related topics.

Series on Genesis at Capturing Christianity:
Part 1 – on interpreting Genesis
Part 2 – on the possibility of guided evolution
(note, I take this to be a philosophical rather than scientific claim)
Part 3 – on fine tuning
Part 4 – forthcoming – on human origins and uniqueness

Will science bury atheism?  Christ Sanctuary, Palmerston North. May 2017


Atheism or Christianity – which better accounts for reality? 
University of Auckland, May 2017. [2 speakers of the NZARH, 2 Christians]
I was very happy with this discussion.

With Prof. Peter Atkins on UK Christian Radio show ‘Unbelievable’
The case from Science for and against God. June 2015.



One thought on “Writing, Talks, and Debates on Christian Apologetics

  1. Zachary,

    I watched your presentation the other day on COVID, your scientific premises and applying them to three primary Christian questions. I enjoyed your talk and appreciated the insightful integration of your scientific principles with those of your faith.

    I got the invite to the talk quite indirectly. I’m now looking for linkage to the group or organization that arranged it. I’m hoping they (or you?) will post the video somewhere so I can share it with the apologetics-focused community within my church. Plus I’d like to consider following that group.

    Can you please point me in the right direction? Any clue on whether a video will be posted?

    Thanks for your presentation.


    Brant Jones

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