Writing, Talks, and Debates on Christian Apologetics

This section of my website contains comments on personal topics outside my usual academic work.

Here is some of my favourite writing in Christian apologetics – giving a reason for Christian faith; and links to some of my talks and debates on related topics.

Series on Genesis at Capturing Christianity:
Part 1 – on interpreting Genesis
Part 2 – on the possibility of guided evolution
(note, I take this to be a philosophical rather than scientific claim)
Part 3 – on fine tuning
Part 4 – forthcoming – on human origins and uniqueness

Will science bury atheism?  Christ Sanctuary, Palmerston North. May 2017


Atheism or Christianity – which better accounts for reality? 
University of Auckland, May 2017. [2 speakers of the NZARH, 2 Christians]
I was very happy with this discussion.

With Prof. Peter Atkins on UK Christian Radio show ‘Unbelievable’
The case from Science for and against God. June 2015.